Quotations from Two French Guys with Nested Quotation from a German Fellow

“What one must be able to require of oneself , at the right time, is rather that capacity for adventure to which ontology testifies, in the heart of its transparent rationality, by its recourse to the procedure of the absurd; a detour in which the extension of their solidity may be restituted to the equivalences: ‘He shatters his own happiness, his excess of happiness, and to the Element which magnified it, he rends, but purer, what he possessed.'”

-Alain Badiou, Being and Event, (quoting Hölderlin at the end)


“As for everything else, the ethics of yesterday would be a crime, and not to think about it an injustice. That never desirable soul leads you to where you are better, where you are evil, which you always will be, tired of yourself, behind. It’s your advancement, which pushes you, and be sure you never stop.

“Still each day that disillusions you sustains you. But go, movement, movement, and for your rest fatigue.”

-Pierre Reverdy, “Forced March” (trans. Ron Padgett)

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